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K7vh |d9mlDz0There is a large amount of information that could be needed in order to properly size a winch or hoist.  On this page we will go thru each item of information and you can decide if it is needed for your application:

9Uq9uE&x"Nf0 拓松汽车户外网 -9Ul]3v LM(t

1: Do I need a Winch or Hoist拓松汽车户外网 -%a)}9a/] N.T ~

拓松汽车户外网 -$S-C_l'v$s:`)E

A winch is for pulling along the ground (up to a 30 degree incline).  拓松汽车户外网 -.iR?i_'M }q
Z$TtsK{9z0A hoist is for pulling at incline from 30 degrees to loads that are free suspended and vertical.
9bik/B9G:jn#o!| F0 拓松汽车户外网 -Y9t3c6H6n1Q+Q%vH
There are some situations above the 30 degree rule where a winch can still be used.  An example is if there is some other type mechanism that will hold the load in the case of failure of the winch.  Another example is if your load is dropping into the water.拓松汽车户外网 -] `0@$y'crBlV

;W w1DI_ \X GWM Y6}*N0Because a hoist is lifting objects vertically and possibly above a persons head, an extra brake mechanism is needed. Many governing bodies, such as OSHA in the United States, require extra safety features for hoists.  Be sure you check with the governing body for your application to be sure you have what you need.拓松汽车户外网 -.|8U Ky t [lX

拓松汽车户外网 -1u0i&n7|Rq

2.   What will power the winch? (manual / air / electric / hydraulic)拓松汽车户外网 -.Km"C#C ulP
 拓松汽车户外网 -2\%~+kd\
Manual - Hand Crank or Hand Wheel

2F#Hi h~y?:CS0 拓松汽车户外网 - ~EJnQ-kVd"}j

A hand wheel is preferred over a hand crank in the case of winches with higher load and / or winches that will be used often.  A hand wheel will make lifting the load easier for the operator.  Be sure to see what the gear ratio of the winch you purchase is.  Also, check the amount of force needed to turn the crank of the winch or hoist to the pull the load you need. 拓松汽车户外网 -!R3Te9}6I^

拓松汽车户外网 -\?2UrrGr

Pneumatic - Air Powered
L-|#O:? i0 
!LD7u4~(_0Pneumatic motors are expensive and very loud as compared to hydraulic.  However, air compressors are much more available as compared to hydraulic power packs.  Air winches are explosion proof and are suitable for situations where this feature is needed.  Should you decide upon a pneumatic winch or hoist be sure to know what pressure and volume of air is required in order to power the unit you need.  If you do not supply the winch or hoist with the pressure (pounds per square inch) and amount (cubic feet per minute) of air needed, it will still operate, but at reduced line pull and speed.


{e/|(}mF4]0Electric Powered


9|B"S)N+{Zhl0Electric power and electric motors are readily available and not costly.  This makes them suitable for a majority of applications.  In additon, you dont need an air compressor or hydraulic power pack.  The downsides are that faster speed and higher line pull units require larger power supply (higher voltages and 3 phase) quite quickly.  Also electric winches and hoists are not explosion proof unless costly explosion proof motors and control boxes are included. When requesting a quote for an electric winch or hoist you must specify the hertz (50 or 60 Hz), volts (220, 400, 440 etc) and phase (1 or 3).

8fe*n yb0 拓松汽车户外网 - }3g&N(R.uP6m2B X

Hydraulic Powered


9jg(R1G+Y)p2w1[5p0If you have a source for hydraulic power, then hydraulic winches are cost effective and can reach very high line pull and line speed at reasonable cost.  Should you decide upon a hydraulic winch or hoist be sure to know what pressure and volume of oil is required in order to power the unit you need.  If you do not supply the winch or hoist with the pressure and amount of air needed, it will still operate, but at reduced line pull and speed.拓松汽车户外网 -8|8M S%sF&E3p!E:u's hv O

Y \O1Fn5n.x X0v4nl03.   Line pull needed (how heavy is maximum load)?**拓松汽车户外网 -Z%rpS&u9Ed
{2Z&|-lj+U0You must determine how much pull (pounds or KG) that the winch or hoist will need to overcome.  This may not always be easy.  If you are pulling a boat and trailer that has a weight of 5 tons up a ramp that is 30% incline then what capacity winch do you need?  Certainly it will be less than 5 tons. See section 12 below to learn how to compute.拓松汽车户外网 -|$oV-WBi
3i6k&K^Thx0Another consideration is if you should multi part the line.  "Multi part" means using a pulley system.  As an example if you 2 part the line then you will double the winch line pull and 1/2 the winches line speed.  A 2 part line runs from the winch drum, thru a pulley at the load and then back to the winch (or near the winch) and secured.  The more pulley used the greater the line pull of the winch but the slower it will operate.

b n\Oi|+{VIx0 拓松汽车户外网 -^Wd!^!Z3?

4.   Line speed needed (how fast does the line need to pay in and out)?**

gVW%e \:_j0

W%yI;E){I6vm.I P0You must determine how fast (the speed of the line or line speed) that the load will be pulled (feet or meters per minute).  You can do so by taking the distance that you need to move the load and dividing by the speed of the winch.  As an example: 100 feet divided by 10 feet per minute = 10 minutes.  Is the time you come up with fast enough?  Or can you reduce speed and use a winch that is less costly?

8c-V.T"R8]8F5@9H P0

0cZ;G9f f05.   How far do you need to pull the load?**

by"} `'s0 拓松汽车户外网 - y-}4eIdU#u(T?L;i

You must determine how far the load you are pulling or lifting needs to be moved.  (feet or meters)
oA@](UO1s z-P06.  What size line (inches or mm) is required for the winch or hoist?**
-`:?r/jL `k;N8R0 
"\]e&\%|oP,\7HT0The agency governing the use of your winch may have a particular safety factor required.  If so, state what that safety factor is and Pacific Marine & Industrial can size the wire to meet it.  If not, then we can recommend a wire size given common safety factors.  Typical safety factors are 4 to 1 and 5 to 1.  As an example, if a wire has a 92 ton breaking load and you want to use a 5:1 safety factor, then the winch you use should have no greater line pull than 18.4 tons. 拓松汽车户外网 -!_ AK/z6l m

N'^S.Sg1~:s8T|G/|0** A few comments about items 3 to 6 above:拓松汽车户外网 -LKDt,{z
?+Ro N1q0A winch drum is a cylinder.  When wire is wrapped around that cylinder in many layers (full drum) the winch will operate at higher line speed and lower line pull.  When the winch is at bare drum (no wire on the drum) the winch will operate at slower line speed and higher line pull.  All of the items 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as the drum size and width are required in order to be sure that the winch or hoist will not go under the desired line pull and line speed for a given application.
@gN[ow6D+J?4_G C0 
M9TQdGcQ07.  Is a hook or eye needed at the end of the wire?  Do you want the wire included with the winch?
}c7UG1K#~-z0 拓松汽车户外网 -r&Q R)Q Ir0b!O5Ch/d
State what is needed for your application.拓松汽车户外网 -SK(BXB
 拓松汽车户外网 -.Js$XM,S3XT"E/Q
8.  What type of controls are needed for your application?拓松汽车户外网 -7Sx`}}p&OU

SJ5b^k'@0Control Box: Electric Winches and Hoists

*L9OP:N T B&R0 拓松汽车户外网 --sI9n p#W q

Control Pendant: Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic
9QRqBv)e `}0Winch Mounted Controls: Hydraulic or Pneumatic Winches and Hoists
WAwi1v!gM0 拓松汽车户外网 -a8Cs'f;QV.i
Variable Speed Controls or Start / Stop / Reverse: Electric Only拓松汽车户外网 -he:G~9d{uk1N

拓松汽车户外网 - tC:pp#] E

Foot Switch: Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic


tZ@n9@0Hydraulic and Pneumatic winches have a valve to control the flow of air or hydraulic oil to the winch or hoist.  These valves allow variable speed and reverse direction automatically.  They can be mounted on the winch or they can be in a hand held pendent or foot switch.拓松汽车户外网 -2\2BV%Ql7A ?#~(G
&NwE0jI)q0Electric winches have much less costly controls that are constant speed and allow the winch to start / stop / reverse.  If you would like variable speed on an electric winch a more costly variable frequency drive must be purchased as part of the control package.  拓松汽车户外网 -n&{q0`4t o"i _L3N
&OA&?KAR09.   Are their any special requirements?拓松汽车户外网 -1f7@s!RA!l1CO _

拓松汽车户外网 - g,iY7p9_}8F [

Split drum: some winches have two wires coming off the drum and need a split drum.  A split drum is a flange placed vertically that will separate the 2 wires and not allow them to tangle.拓松汽车户外网 -CJ:v+[3A9Z+~
 拓松汽车户外网 -E1W:a(XUP0H\
Grooved drum: putting a groove in the drum helps the 1st layer of wire wrap onto the drum correctly.  拓松汽车户外网 -"NQ,fh4YZ
 拓松汽车户外网 -,_EfPw){&v
Level wind: a level wind helps all layers of wire wrap onto the drum correctly.拓松汽车户外网 -HRR2D{#Qi
#A1YGZ{0Epoxy (marine) top coat: some applications require an epoxy top coat

[X"s9a*\-K1c;UVI9M0 拓松汽车户外网 -*m Puj.pG,X

Explosion proof: oil and other industry require explosion proof winches and hoists

&E| Xv(t0

5Ps4HB"zMr010.   What is the duty cycle? (how many minutes per hour will the unit be used or is there going to be continuous use?
-YH\_*]J0Most industrial winches are designed for constant duty and can be operated 100% of the time.  Lighter duty winches and hoists have reduced duty cycles.  In some cases as few as 15 minutes per hour or 25%.  Be sure you specify what you duty cycle is and purchase a winch or hoist that will meet it.

*H,X;~a)xA0 拓松汽车户外网 -Q Yy m:F$|

11. Fleet Angle拓松汽车户外网 -5sW ?CZ#Al`x

O$O ya[Hd3[1`1W)B0fleet angle descripton: winches and hoists


0t)s Hv,g ag0fleet angle descripton: winches and hoists

d fqH;T4l/D%m)o9w)k ?"x0

拓松汽车户外网 -wZ PLF
 拓松汽车户外网 -:X[W7_j
To prevent excessive wire rope wear and damage and ensure the safety of operators, a location that permits proper fleet angle is necessary to let the wire rope spool uniformly onto the drum. Proper fleet angle is between 1/2o and 1-1/2o measured as illustrated in the example above.  As a general "rule of thumb", the absolute minimum distance from the winch to a fixed sheave should be equal in feet to the drum length in inches. For example, a 12" wide drum requires a fixed sheave at least 12' feet away for proper spooling.


W] }r)Tl2a012. Computing Line Pull When Load Travels Up An Incline拓松汽车户外网 -\$a8JKN hCR o
M"K8E)U;\.Xuh g0Required Line Pull = W(Gr+Cf)
dB?0c]n [#m0 拓松汽车户外网 - X!}+a9X m(e1U
W= Weight
-{5q:TL(p.@!u0 拓松汽车户外网 -_k [*M2}8d D
Gr = Grade Resistance拓松汽车户外网 -1t)tqS#B\:Pdd0q

Q w Iu+c?F#T0Cf = Coefficient of Friction
+i%f'POdaV%x0 拓松汽车户外网 -:nbJ'N-f&O @4]G2s I
As an example: If we are pulling a steel bin on wheels up a 30% cement grade with total weight of 5 tons what line pull winch do we need?  拓松汽车户外网 -m |C}^;I4q[
me V"KF{6W0Line Pull = 5 Tons x (.288 + .2 to .5) = 2.44 to 3.94 tons.拓松汽车户外网 -%tj7^k3[ iE U

&`Qof&d,J0See below tables for values:

vt)l T7bO0 拓松汽车户外网 -U {2d4D$? f

Coefficient of Friction拓松汽车户外网 -AS!J%v wd/w.g _



Steel on Steel

H-M%c%X C] v|2am0



Wood on Concrete拓松汽车户外网 -rR;cU&z m8gc!l2Z5OB7Q



Steel on Concrete拓松汽车户外网 -.\ LG5c8qdS



Load on Wheels

WC-y4~bg-^ u2aR0

.05-.10拓松汽车户外网 - W {6x T-K(Z

Load on Rollers

拓松汽车户外网 -:X uPL5SOK

拓松汽车户外网 -fw?'bL*G

Grade Resistance拓松汽车户外网 -MVg7bw'{4{Q^7I+b



% Grade 拓松汽车户外网 -I/vZuY g7V&J

GR拓松汽车户外网 -U`4\'q!wAw!^LK+H%U



0.05拓松汽车户外网 -z$k1y_ZJ6k sN{

10拓松汽车户外网 -mjp4RHd7Jf["P-jy






j2XyM eM#A0

30拓松汽车户外网 - tPw/d+~p

0.288拓松汽车户外网 -#sl]5}E'`

40拓松汽车户外网 -]9S|3He(Y

0.372拓松汽车户外网 -i}m9@nh



0.448拓松汽车户外网 -4F/@"z2sUPh






"@? W$U?-UT&CE)D0

0.573拓松汽车户外网 -1_+?\w4G


5jT6M T"k/p [0

0.624拓松汽车户外网 -!dyV(w}^.k

90拓松汽车户外网 -Q!w,pB4i$v

0.669拓松汽车户外网 -G"C(N!xj:RC]

100拓松汽车户外网 -2V{O;c-w

0.701拓松汽车户外网 -5g)K L1Tqg!O

200拓松汽车户外网 -*]+WUym+t N

0.896拓松汽车户外网 -N+} fi,c B WT



0.97拓松汽车户外网 -:B~!g*k.f'G7yB3]



1拓松汽车户外网 -},B%HY;H+L(v9J \xG

拓松汽车户外网 -0qr&V Qu2E

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